Donation for Abbotsford Sumas, BC

The continuous rainstorm in November brought serious floods to Abbotsford Sumas, BC. The flood destroyed many residents’ homes and affected their livelihood, so they had to evacuate their homes; The floods also destroyed many roads and the provincial government implemented a state of emergency order. To help our neighbours, members of our community proposed to donate money and materials to support residents in the disaster areas. The Council of the chamber of Vancouver Shunde Benevolent Association commerce held an emergency meeting and decided to actively promote donations to Abbotsford food bank and the Red Cross to help the disaster victims solve their urgent needs.

Members of the Council first took the lead in donating $6900. Later, members also responded positively, raising a total of more than$ 9000. Some members also donated new toys, new clothes, new shoes and socks, new children’s clothes and other supplies. After connecting with one of the coordinators at Abbotsford Archway Foodbank, our volunteers made the effort to purchase food items according to the Foodbank’s most needed list, and organized to have all the donations brought directly to the Foodbank and their affiliated organizations. With the flood, many families have not only lost their homes and resided in temporary shelters, but they have also lost all their life belongings. As the holidays are approaching, an increasing amount of families have applied for Christmas gift support for their children. With this in mind, our association also purchased toys and winter clothing to help support these families and hope that more children can have an enjoyable season.

The following is a list of some supplies donated to Abbotsford food bank:

  1. Canned food
  2. Flour
  3. Oil salt sugar
  4. Cheese
  5. Rice
  6. Spaghetti
  7. Beans, mushrooms
  8. Coat and trousers
  9. Children’s shoes and clothes
  10. Children’s Christmas gifts
  11. Sweaters and gloves
  12. 100 supermarket gift certificates of $25