Heritage House Modification/ Secondary Suite/ Expansion

Heritage House Modification (House Lifting)

Foundation replacement, low basement or crawl spaces, flood protections, and floor space expansion are all great reasons to do a house lifting.  Licon can provide detailed advice to assist the house owner in planning and applying for the city permit needed to do the house lifting by manageable steps.


Secondary Suite Permit Application and Construction

What is a Secondary Suite?  A Secondary Suite is an approved dwelling unit with a kitchen, living area, and separate external access within a larger Single-family or Two-family dwelling. Secondary Suites may share internal accesses within the main dwelling unit. Licon is well acquainted with new secondary suites to homes and how to legalize a secondary suite that are created with permits. We can guide you through the zoning, design, construction and full city inspection needed.


In order to increase the floor area and keep the existing building, you have to understand the scale of your project. A home addition is just like building a house but involves more detailed attention and consideration towards budgets, permits, designs, energy and structural concerns, and finishing details. Choosing an experienced builder will be the first most important decision you make for your project. Call us, and we will share our experience to assist you in making the right decision.