BC Energy step code

BC Energy step code 

In response to the federal government’s goal of reducing carbon emissions, BC Energy Step Code has been introduced into British Columbia since 2017. The Step Code cover all houses or buildings built in BC building code part 9. The BC Energy Step Code is implemented in five steps. Each town or municipal government can speed up or slow down the progress of the Step Code in response to local conditions and needs, However the BC Energy Step Code also requested all urban governments should implement the Step 5 of Net zero building in 2023.

Detail information: https://energystepcode.ca/

How the BC Energy step Code work on the house building project?

There are three phases on the new builds as follows:

  1. Conduct energy modeling at the design phase
  2. Test air tightness at completion
  3. Quantify mechanical efficiency and heating needs

A qualified Energy Advisor (Third-party consultants registered by service organizations licensed by Natural Resources Canada) will assist the Builder / House owner to go through all above phase. For more information, please check below links.

Read the guide to working with an energy advisor : https://docs.communityenergy.ca/wp-content/uploads/workingwithEA-Final.pdf

Find a Energy Advisor:  https://betterhomesbc.ca/ea/