Residential Modifications and Renovations

Exterior/ Interior Renovations

What is the difference between hiring a handyman or Licon to do your house renovation? We are skilled professionals. We consider all your needs and wants from the point of comfort, convenience, cost, durability to energy saving. We have a licenced team of contractors, asbestos removers, excavators, plumbers, electricians, cabinet suppliers, and building material vendors to provide full service to our client. We can work to what you would want to achieve, because no job is too big or too small. We also provide at less one-year warranty for our workmanship.


How can I enjoy my garden during the summer? How can I increase the gardening space and storage in my backyard? These are all great questions that Licon can help you find the answer to. From patio covers, concrete platforms, fishponds, water fountains, fences, trellis’, vegetable planting boxes, and sloped rock gardens, Licon can design, build and upgrade the perfect garden for our client.

Patio awning / Sunrooms and Insulated shed

Patio waning / Sunrooms has many advantages. Protects from rain and hail and gives a pleasant shade. It is many different materials and construction methods to build sun canopy. Aluminum, wood, and glass which are suitable for stable and perfect for this long term. Aluminum and glass are most common and affordable selection. Wood and glass are most classical and elegant material for outlook and matching the house design.

Insulated shed (Outdoor storage) is make by aluminum sandwich panel exterior and steel frame structure. The core of the panel is filled with rigid foam which produce an insulated environment for your outdoor storage same as the indoor. It is much most durable and tough then normal plastic garden shed.